Why Breaking Bad sucks - the baddest review and most bashing critic on the face of the web

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I really did it. I tortured my brain by watching the first 3 series of Breaking Bad - though there were enjoyable parts and nice graphics the overall experience totally sucked bass.

This is a personal rant - live with it!

I hate stupidness and character-inconsistencies.

Why would otherwise totally reasonable people act totally stupid the next second? Why they do it on TV is clear - it's entertaining - but - still - i want INTELLIGENT characters that are consistently intelligent.

I just don't understand what's soooooooo interesting on making a whole series on people who just mess EVERYTHING up...

...it's really making me aggressive how stupid these characters are.

And why does the series get awards for "deep characters"? WTF? I know the answer: because the TV-World is flatland. Flatland 3D! Stoopid dumbfuckz...

So here's just a short list:

  • the stoopid mofos meet at stupid places
    • why meet in a restaurant and then whisper-scream at each other about SECRETS?!
    • why not just sit in a car instead???
  • stoopid disputes, nonstop, i mean, that isn't relaxing, i could as well stop by at my alcoholics-neighbours and watch them scream at each other, sooooo annoying...
  • straight forward insanity paired with total stupidness... ...and five minutes later they talk wise words?
  • Breaking phones? What's so hard about it. Throughout the whole series phones get broken, then they throw them away, sometimes IN THEIR OWN trashcan - and they never break the sim-cards.
  • Leaving fingerprints ALL OVER THE PLACE - sometimes cleaning a few, playing clean super-criminal, then suddenly taking off the gloves and touching everything again...
  • Consistently returning to same places instead of switching movement-patterns (like, why always move back to the same house where info is already out that there was a meth-lab in the basement?)
  • Why not move with the family to other places?
  • Why always messing everything up?
  • Why again and again doing business with stupid people?
  • Why always risk all accomplishments in mindless dangerous actions?
  • Why make so incredible many wrong decisions if you are a superbrain scientist?!?!?!?!?!?!
  • Why in the first place lie to your partner and start all the bullshit?
  • Why not choose a partner you can trust in the first place?

The answer is: it's supposed to be entertaining.

The problem is: it's not entertaining, it's annoying.

You got 3 Million Dollars per Episode - make something out of it - i want INTELLIGENT entertainment - i expect more. Is that all?

I want it to be a fantastic story in a REALISTIC setting - yes - more realistic - there are kazillions of stupid people in reality, so, from that point of view the series is realistic - but - as it is trying to depict some intelligent and well organized criminals too, there should be at least a little more intelligent behaviour in these characters too. In reality such dumb people wouldn't survive long in the evil fangs of organized crime - it's all - too nice.

The world is at least ten times more evil than this cheapo-drug-adventure-entertainment...