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The best places to party in Xian

The best Locations in Xian to dance the night away, or just to enjoy a drink in Xian with your friends.

Party-Dates for Xian

Let's ask the bot where and when the next party in Xian is going down.

The bot sez:

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Nach einen zu sein, habe ic.

Now this bot seemingly has been partying too long, just a bunch of drunken bot-gibberish-1bit-talking. Dismissed!

Bars in Xian

Where to get the best drinks in Xian? That's a question of flavour, are you looking for the best beer in Xian, or do you want to find the best

Cocktail-Bar in Xian? Doesn't matter to us, because if you really want to explore the nights of Xian you have to be a little adventureous -

just step out your door and give it a go!

Cafes in Xian

You want neither beer and wine in Xian, nor you want some great cocktails in Xian? Then maybe something without alcohol in Xian might

make you happy - what about the best coffee in Xian? Do you love to sit in a cafe in Xian and watch the life in Xian? Well, good for you,

because you might find some great places for coffee, tea and cake in Xian - or you might not - depends on your initiative - just go for it.

Nightlife in Xian

Enough of Cafes and Bars, time to dance in Xian, just follow the old how-to-find-a-party-rule-of-thumb

  • grab some drinks
  • grab some friends
  • walk around Xian at night

and follow the music in the air. If there's no music in the air, you have to dig deeper into the underground scene of Xian or just give a f and throw your own party.

Clubs in Xian

If you expect a list of clubs in Xian this is the wrong place, because we want you to encourage to explore Xian club-life on your own. Just follow the rule of

  • leave your brain outside

and join the fun. The best club in Xian is yet to be found, by you!

Live Music in Xian

Do you love live music? You want to hear the best musicians and bands of Xian and explore the avantgarde Xian music-scene, including all those bleeding-edge

high-tech DJs that are playing the brand newest music that you never heard of? Just go to the Internet, it's all there - isn't it?

Music in Xian

  • Rap in Xian
  • Metal in Xian
  • Punk in Xian
  • Techno in Xian
  • Electro in Xian
  • Goa in Xian
  • Breakbeats in Xian
  • DNB Drum And Bass in Xian
  • Jungle in Xian
  • Dancehall in Xian
  • Black Music in Xian
  • Dance Music in Xian
  • 90s Party in Xian
  • 80s Party in Xian
  • House in Xian
  • Ghettotech in Xian
  • Jazz in Xian
  • Motown in Xian
  • Blues in Xian
  • Live Music Session in Xian
  • Rock n Roll in Xian
  • Black Metal in Xian
  • Speedmetal in Xian
  • Punkrock in Xian
  • Alternative Indie-Rock in Xian
  • Gabba in Xian
  • Breakcore in Xian
  • Karaoke in Xian
  • Classical Music in Xian
  • Acid Jazz in Xian
  • HipHop in Xian
  • Swing in Xian
  • Dixieland in Xian
  • Newschool in Xian

Dance in Xian

Dance the night away in Xian - it's always a good idea to dance. Some people meet in places called Discos to do exactly that.

Disco in Xian

A Disco is a place. A place where people take drugs and dance to music. Drugs in Xian? The only drug that i recommend is called D.A.N.C.E.


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