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Pre-Order your replicator now!

The importance of being earnest didn't stand the test of time.

Neither did my plans.

Publishing in Wikis is still superfast, but keeping them clean and tidy is a pain in the brain.

So, the saga continues and the chaos grows!

Happy 2019

In the Summer of 2019 i'm gonna turn 40. Crazy :)

Prepare for some serious hacktion for the next 6 years!

Hack the planet. Hack the system. Hack your life. Hack your mind. Hack your soul. Hack the world. Hack the universe!

What the Hack?!

2013 am Horizont

Und sie dreht sich doch.

Auch im Jahre 2013 dreht sich die Erde weiter, - allen Büchern, Filmen und Religionen zum Trotz: wir leben immernoch.

Die Weltuntergangsapologeten und NewAgePropheten werden sich was neues ausdenken und behaupten wir hätten bereits einen ungeahnten, superenergetischen Bewusstseinssprung hingelegt ohne es überhaupt mitzubekommen.

Doch sie wird sich einfach weiterdrehen.

Völlig egal was ich hier schreibe, und völlig egal was ihr hier lest.

Möge die Maus mit euch sein,

Janghabad Janzabarranzam XXIII.

ed.iTooReal 2012

Good vibes, creativity² & infinite inspirations ahead. Sail Ho!


Mir war langweilig, also habe ich beschlossen das Böse zu bekämpfen :D

Manifest gegen das Böse

Edit-o-real 2011

Whut? Another Year, Another Day, Another Second.

What started out as my personal Sudelwiki, aka maximum damage online Scrapbook, morphed into a really weird mixture of madness & useful stuff. As i don't have the godlike ability to bring the neverending information maelstrom into any order i might as well "let it be".

So i'll let it grow, allover my head, allover your head, allover all subjects and allover all fears and borders. Don't ask me what this is - it is just another blobscape on the interwebz.

Visit the Webmap to see what i'm up too or hunt me down in various social subnets:

To make a long story short: i love you all, i love life, i love love, i love music and i am a Rainbow Hooligan.

Actually i'm playing World of Padman a lot recently...

...and yes - this is a freshly updated MediaWiki Version 1.16.1 (1.16.2 by now).

Oh, did i mention? I decided to get rich this year - so if you need some Web-, Text- or Music-Production-Skills - let me know :D

I follow the idea of "Positive Business", i want win-win-situations for everyone on this planet, i try do be as honest as i can force my underlying-wilderbeast-framework to be, and i play this whole life as a GAME. Every Moment is Magic. So i'm gonna live this life 'til the last heartbeat with a smile on my bass :)

2*Oh, before this is getting out of hand i just dive back into the everflow and will meet you at the other side of the phoenix-asteroids!


John Jonobo Janghabad Janzabarranzam MMXI.

Editoriale Flowyale 2010

2010, still swingin' the digital Pen.

Any conclusions after one year more or less useful wiki-posting?

  • Green-Black-Design sucks in Sunlight.
  • If Users are used to one Interface, keep delivering it in the exact same way they expect - for Wikis that means: stick to the standard-skin.
  • People use Computers but are not interested in how and why they work, so if you want to make money: make computers work for people - easy - period.
  • Computers still suck in 2010 - they don't do what you want, you still can't use them off-grid easily, you can't read their displays in sunlight and if they fall down or taken to a pool-party they are dead.
  • Hey, at least you can buy Jetpacks now for 90K Creds but they are still big like a bus-station.
  • The dumb-ass-masses of people impact @ the Interwebz like a Bullshit-Tsunami and they want: content in their mother-tongue. Now that is boring - can't we just stick to one language? Can't we just unify all languages to "Chinglanish" (Chinese-English-Spanish)? Too much redundance by translating all that stuff, what a waste of braincycles aka energy. So, for me, that means: bye-bye German-Language - i'll still use it, sometimes, but only for fun and not to explain something to German-only-Speakers in German again, just because they are too stupid to read the original information in english.
  • Writing under German Jurisdiction sucks, you can say a lot, but there are still way too many verbal no-go-areas, just like in most other places on our beloved planet - so what to do? Move to Iceland? Go Anonymous? Ha - now i got it: Write Offline!
  • Evolution? Where are thou?

Editorial Royal 2009

Welcome to Sudelwiki in 2009, Year of the Hacker.

Sudelwiki? What the Hack?

X-Akt-ly, it's a soodle-why-ki by the infamous Mind-J-Jizooma.

So what can you exphacked here?

This is basically my online-mind-map with search-function - or in short: My Mind Online.

A cool collection of Visions, Ideas, Dreams, Projects, HowTo's, Instructions, Recipes, Videos, Photos, Mad Text Filez, Seriouz Articles, Bad Poetry, Mad Music aka all the stuff that a Megalopsychic-Multitasking-Metamind like me is Steve-Urcle-Circling around these days.

Why a Wiki? I tried with Blogs, but it ended like with George Carlin and God. Wikis are fast - so are my thoughts. Blog-Interfaces are too slow for my mind and most of the time you don't find that old article that you were looking for on that blog that you once saw on that other day. Blogs come and go - Wikis stay. Let's see what happens in one year of "My Mind vs. the empty Wiki-Database".

More Subjects? Linux, Ubuntu, OpenSource, Free Culture, Free Music, Collaborative Online Music Production, WebDesign, Future-Technology, Cradle-to-Cradle-Design, DIY-Projects like the KungFu-Keyboard or the Spy-Cam-Glasses, Wikis, Links, Journalism, CAD, Prototyping, - - - to make a looooooooong list a little shorter for now: everything that a human needs to know nowadays.

Besides all that i got simple classics on Board like a BestMoviesList and a BestMusicList.

This is a Public Thinking Wiki, it's not about being shiny and perfect, it's about sharing thoughts, fast, it's never finished, always growing, always flowing, always glowing, hot!

As you see - there are lots of things to be hacked!

Ready, Hack, Go!

Let's make music together.

Let's make music together ;)

I got Acapellas that you can easily use in your projects, cut-up, sample, destroy and remix. I got lot's of finished and half-finished tracks that you can remix if you like.

I really enjoy collaborative online music production, i am a lazy producer, but i love to write lyrics and to record my monkeynoise, rap and singing on instrumentals of all kinds. I got a high-quality microphone, sound-interface and a good recording booth - so if you got any beats or whatever instrumental music, i am ready to put some vocals on it - style doesn't matter - ska, punk, rap, metal, classical, jazz, funk, experimental, techno, house, subgenre x, breakbeats, rock, folk, you name it.

I am always looking for people who like to mix music on their computers, my output of lyrics, songs and freestyles is way higher than what i can mix, so if you want to play around with some of my material, just let me know, i'll be more than happy to send you crazy pieces of my sound-collection.

For an overview of my music online, have a look at the Music-Section on my Webmap, use the search on or simply write me an E-Mail to for any questions about my music or about making music together with YOU ;)

Examples of Collaborations with other People:

Beatcat iz back 001 sunfire 500x500.jpg