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In the last years there is an ever growing market of online-beat-dealing.

This page tries to give an overview.

Work in Progress.


Rockwilder Online Beat-Empire

Rockwilder is building an online Beat-Empire. is a newer and more active Website in the Rockwilder-Online-Beat-Empire:

You can register there for free, or as a Producer to sell beats for ~7$ a month.

There are even a lot of beats for free.

Most of the Beats have the "Non-Exclusive"-License, that allows you to sell Tracks recorded on that Beat for the first 2000 CDs sold, after that you have to negotiate with the producer directly.

Old Website.

The Beats are good, but the Website is a mess.

Tried to buy a beat and am still waiting for order processing, because the download did not work - solved the problem through using a windows-machine of a friend, so maybe a linux-issue.

Anyway - for 10$ you get non-exclusive, but real rocking beats - BUT only in lousy 128kbps .mp3-Quality.

And the Website is so out of date, that you don't even get a license agreement to print out anymore - so i guess i can do with that beat whatever i want now ;) Even resell? Mmhh... ...gonna ask over at what's going on with

Oldest Rockwilder Website. Nothing happening there anymore:

RocMP3 is currently undergoing an upgrade. Please check back soon!

Affiliate Beat Marketing

German Beat Buying & Selling Platform

International Beat Selling and Buying Platform

Looks good.

Production Market Place Worldwide

They even got some nice dubstep:

Web Forums

Promoting your beats on internet forums is one of the classic options you shouldn't discard. The forums are out there - use them!

Not a Beat-Selling Website by definition, but a great Producers Forum:

eBooks & Tutorials

There are a lot of eBooks on "How to sell beats online" out there, here are the most famous tutorials that deliver great value for a few bucks.

Ebook Tutorial for Selling Beats:

An E-Book called "How to Sell Beats":

Another Beat-Selling-Tutorial:

Buy Dubstep-Beats online